Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zuen Dana African American actress

African American actress Pictures

What other title has not carried by Zueen dana, African American cover girl, academy award nominations, rapper, singer, actress, entrepreneur ... everything is. She was a woman with great talent. As an actress and a black celebrity she could show the world that he is an African American actress who succeed.

Gabrielle Union African American actres

African American actress

Actress Gabrielle Union, age 36 to play with Eddie Murphy in the movie Sexual Chocolate. The girl with the vibration and automatic sex appeal through the waves long brunette hair, a unique form of lips and slim.

African American actress famous. Gabrielle is very nice and friendly.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Indonesian actress Julie Estelle

Indonesian actress Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle Indonesian film artist. Julie has a beautiful face and a commercial, let alone out there was blood streaming down his body. Julie began her from a photo model, movie playing and eventually took the role in the soap opera. Julie is also a frequent host on talk show. she was a sweet girl and a ready smile.

Indonesian young and cute actress, Shireen Sungkar

Indonesian young and cute actress

Indonesian young and cute actress

Shireen Sungkar is the second child of artist Fanny Bauty couples and Mark Sungkar. Shireen career in many private TV soap opera titles in Indonesia, he has also starred in several food advertising. Shireen also is exploring the world pull votes. Shireen hopes that his career was always smooth and run well. Shireen Sungkar including a talented young actress, who far from his side gossip.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Young celebrity movie pictures

young celebrity movie Pictures

Being a young Hollywood celebrity is not an easy thing, to work hard and get lucky. Parents is not uncommon career in the film industry but his son could not penetrate the market. The young celebrity is a special film that gave priority to an acting career, smoothly articulate and have something a decent sale. As a young celebrity hair in the image above. Her style beautiful, sexy and makes the celeb look energetic and full of spirit.

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